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STYROTERMSKB STYROTERM is a high-tech solution of top-mounted roller shutters, which was designed mainly to improve the energy balance in a building. The main element of this system is a shutter box, which is made of high quality material with very good thermal properties. The shutter box is available in two si-zes. Research at a renowned research institute has shown that the proposed solution has an extremely high thermal transmittance coefficient Usb from only 0.40 W/m²K, which places the system in the first place among other products of this type.The advantage of this solution is also the possibility to choose the method of revision from inside or outside the room. In addition, the STYROTERM system is also available in a version adapted to the assembly of façade shutters.Roller shutters in the STYROTERM system can be equipped with insect screens installed in a shutter box. Its assembly with the “click-in” technology is very fast and easy.

** Please note: SKO-STYROTERM System is a special order item.